Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Adsense rich Content Sites

People are still making money with adsense...and why not?Google ads are totally relevent to the content of the site.Google has the most advertisers and googles own adsense pages give you lots of tips to make adsense more profitable for you and your site.

However creating the rich content websites has two problems..first of all you need to be able to build a website yourself(unless you want to do a blog)and second you need to be able to produce rich content that will attract the search bots to your sites to increase traffic.Google adsense is simple stuff really.The better the content the better the ads and the better the ads the more likely they are to get clicked and generate income for you.Then logically we go onto traffic.It doesnt matter how good your content is unless you have lots of traffic to your site.So a little seo knowledge will come in handy.Links to other sites and posting your url in forums, e-zines,e-mail signatures, social networking sites are all ways you can get traffic plus of course ppc ad campaigns you may want to launch to get your site noticed.

Most people will be able to write some content but is it good enough ? How are your writing skills?How long would it take ? What subjects should you write about?

All these problems evaporate instantly if you use adready.Ok so whjat is adready? Well adready is a package of 150 instant content rich websites that you can download to your pc.FREE hosting is then provided to enable you to upload the sites to the internet.With one instant content rich site optimised for max revenue you would probably generate a few dollars a week once the site is uploaded to the web.159 sites however will multiply your income.Lots of little amounts soon add up.This is the key to generating decent revenue.Even if your sites only manage to produce 10 cents per week ,,thats is still $15 per week ..avearge a dollar a week and you are looking at an income of $150 per week.This is easily acheivable.How much would it be for a site such as this ..well if i told you it would be less than 7oc forever what would you would probably say no way!! But its true ..adready will supply you with 150 content rich money making sites for less than $ 70c per site is the breakeven point.After that it is all profit!!!Highly reccomended for people with little time and or little or no knowlege of website construction.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

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Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Forex Trading

Another way to make money on the internet is using the FOREX Market.This is simply taking advantage of the fluctuations in the value of foreign currencies compared to each other in order to make a profit.Find out more about Forex below.

Forex (Foreign Exchange) is the biggest financial market which turnover exceeds $1.5 trillion. There is no possibility of shaking the market by individual investors. Transactions at Forex can be realized daily, 24hours a day – in practice, most of the transactions are made between 8 am on Monday and 6 pm on Friday – transactions made at weekends and holiday are often connected with higher fees and much smaller profits (losses) possibility. SPECIFICATION OF THE MARKET Forex is a specific market in many aspects - first of all, it is very highly speculative (it is estimated that about 90% of the transactions are made by speculators). Moreover, there is neither bull market nor fall term, because profits can be made on both growth and drop of exchange rate (currencies can be bought and sold on the same conditions). Information has great influence on the market – that is why many try to bet only in the publication period – exchange rate increases or decreases rapidly then. Technical analyses have raison d'e^tre, but due to numerous financial publications, these are not as accurate as on other financial markets. TRANSACTIONS AND LEVER The most of bets are time limited contracts, so called “Lots” – one contract is one “Lot”. Currency market is also characterized by high financial lever. It means that if you have certain amount of money you can use much bigger amount and receive profits/losses from this higher greater. Example: Lever is 1:100 (you can bet with 100 times greater Money). Assuming that you have $1.000 – you can buy $100.000 for this money. If the exchange rate increases of 0.5% we will profit by $500 (0.5% x $100.000 = $500). If the rate decreases of 1% you will lose your whole capital (1% x $100.000 = $1000).

The size of the lever depends on brokering agency that we choose. There is sometimes the possibility of choosing “risk group” that we want to belong to.

BASIC INFORMATION AND TERMINOLOGY You can bet in any pair of quoted currencies on Forex. These are announced in this form: EUR/USD (Euro to Dollar – the most popular pair on Forex), USD/JPY (Dollar to Yen). This form of notation means that for one unit of base currency (EUR or USD in examples) we can buy as many units of second currency as the exchange rate is. The rate is always announced with accuracy of four decimal places (Yen is the only exception – exact to two decimal places). Example: EUR/USD rate is 1.3115 – for €10.000 you can buy $13.115. CHF/PLN rate is 2.5371 – for CHF100 you can buy PLN253.71. On Forex, the rate is always given in two ways – buying rate (Ask) and selling rate (Bid). Buying rate is always bigger than selling rate, the difference between these rates is called the spread. The spread is given in pips (Price Interest Point) – ten thousandth part of rate (one-hundredth for Yen). It will be more comprehensible in an example: Selling rate (Bid) EUR/PLN pair is 3.9078, while buying rate (Ask) is 3.9128 – spread is the difference between these rates and amounts to 0.0050 that is 50 pips. It often occurs that spread is enlarged by brokering agency for holidays and weekends and making the transactions is becoming less attractive. The spread is the only form of “fee” from transactions, what is another typical feature of currency market. HOW TO PLAY? For the sake of high risk of currency market, it is not recommended for beginners. To start investing you should be experienced in short-term speculations on the stock exchange and have at least basic information about technical analysis. If you are firm to start investing on the Forex you should constantly monitor economic news (brokering agencies usually offer comprehensive news bulletins – for example Reuters) and keep abreast with these publications dates – the news can shake the market a little bit and it might be a shock for beginners, which many times can end with a huge loss. It is said, that short-term transactions are made for coupe of hours, and the long-term is few days only! Popular on stock exchange “buy and hold” method is not profitable here and can end as the loss of the capital. The other significant thing on Forex is investors psyche – your future profits or losses depend on whether you can or cannot stand the rapid unfavorable loss/growth of the rate. The general rule is setting Limit orders on much higher level then Stop-Loss orders. You should assume higher profits then losses. There are also other methods to bet on the Forex, as already mentioned publication betting – when we wait for the publication, analyze the news and enter the market, to end the position shortly. Earlier acquainting with investing platforms of different brokering agencies is a good idea – so called demonstrative investing platforms (called also demo platforms) offer almost all important brokering agencies. You must remember – although the demo and real platforms does not differ in technical respect; the decisions made on demo platform differ significantly from those you would make in reality; unless you have strong nerves – but all of us would be millionaires then.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

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Northern Cyprus..a piece of heaven in the Med

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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Making Money Online

Northern Cyprus..a piece of heaven in the Med

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Making money online is not easy but neither is it impossible.Thousands of people out there are making money each and every month via all sorts of different programs.Some make a lot of money, others only a few do llars here and there .There are lots of small programs that pay small amounts for relatively easy effort.Put all these small ones together and you can make some decent extra money.If you are skilled in marketing and have the time and money to invest you can make a really good income.But for most people just making a few bucks extra is all that they want.

A simple way to organise your earning power is to join a program like marketing pond etc..programs similar to this have been online for a good few years now and they do save you a lot of time and ensure is is easier for you to follow your earnings.You simply include all your referral ids from as many of the programs you are in and then promote the one site.Click on the banner to ain it is FREE but will maximise your earnings.

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Below you can see my gallery of Liverpool buildings old and new.Click on any of them to see them enlarged It is 100% FREE! Top row from left to right, The Marriot Hotel in the City Centre: next the famous Empire theatre on Lime Street with extension recently buil;t to the side:Next also on Li me Street is the former North Western Hotel adjacent to the Railway Station.The hotel has been refurbished in latter years to house the bulging student population:Next we have St Georges Hall built in the 19th century withe vast wealth built up through Liverpools maritime heritage.The Hall was formerly law courts and was constructed based on the Acropolis in Athens. Next is the frontage of Lime St station. A typical glass canopy construction asso ciated with many stations throughout the country.The last two pictures feature Liverpool Town Hall at the top of Castle St in the business district of the city and St Lukes Church In Leece St left standing as a memorial to the citizens of Liverpool who were killed in the May blitz in the second world war. Only the outer walls remain the interior being destroyed by German bombs.

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